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Who knows what my husband if n the time, but recently I realized my ass firmly lost n the cane by a man of age, for to do a little research. do the housework n as a grace more than anything , although Mr. Smith is not often that I pay a £ 20 here and there, which comes in handy. myporn Mr. Smith lives by 3 Doors Down us a nice old n cap 69, is always friendly n very talkative. IN n for my part I am a housewife and mother of two and they told me 38 years, attractive, with good character, dark hair and brown eyes. For some time he had met while Mr. Smith business in the local Tesco. Mr talkative as ever, Smith lamented the fact that since his wife had died many years before, his hatred animal is clean and dust and vacuum n at home rather great. Now, my good Samaritan offers perhaps I n pop in the morning a couple of times a week after leading the school did. This is the way it became official Mr. Smith's housekeeper. I must say I found Mr. Smith to appear like to see me work, I like coffee powder folded tables and shelves extend to the dust. I have a pretty big butt and was well aware in fact, Mr. Smith could not see that while I worked and fussed around him, I tend to use pants steep mostly n really show the buttocks. On one occasion, while Mr. Smith is not in the room I found an old magazine about the scourge of young women excited and I was shocked to see a images of bending soils receive strict compliance with stern-looking men. Is this what Mr. Smith wants me to do ? N The idea horrifies me, but at the same time in the back of my head..... a tingling sensation of vibrating to the idea of ​​n what to do, maybe in my ass. Can you believe it? Mr. Smith has exactly return at this moment entered the room. 'Laura Ah I see you've discovered one of my magazines,' smiled, much less embarrassing. 'YY - Yes, 'was all I could do. He told me it was just a littleterest of his , and please do not be shocked at how it was harmless, smiled again. The next time I visited, I do not know why, but turn held before you feel a little excitement n I felt his eyes on my ass. was as if unconsciously I gave it to him, and hated me for it. foot My heart stopped when myporn he said, ' You have a beautiful floor that Laura try to figure out me? ' ' I do not know what you mean. ' I laughed nervously. Mr. Smith came up and said, 'Now do not take it the Laura way wrong, but I think myporn you are interested in a small I've seen in my journal, if you 'll myporn you am quite good at handling practices This naughty girl and I know that deep down that wants a bit of discipline you have no experience ? I nodded, my hands were shaking and stomach flips. ' Well,' said Mr. Smith. was myporn red with embarrassment when I bent over the knee n and firmly stroked my back through fine drum my ​​beige material trousERS know that he could see my pantyline. ' Well Laura I will recommend this wonderful hot for you, ' she said before her palm crack hard on my poor back. is really Stang and I screamed and asked not vain . must put about 20 strokes in the butt. Mr. Smith left me and rub my cheeks burning. ' Now, my dear Laura, please take your pants e go stand in the corner, hands behind head,' said firmly. Oh, no, going to see my myporn pink underwear to be flushed. Mr. Smith sat and enjoyed the view while in the sensation corner like a naughty girl really stupid. I heard him get up and go to the library. 'Around back from Laura said, I broke the air and after ' Oh no, please, 'Oh yes Laura stopped and turned a fearsome seek n School sugarcane 'Now I want Laura to bend and touch toes in the center of the room, I 'll give 12 Stokes and if they are right, there are n - if you jump , extra- you understand? ' Again, I noddedekly hate me because I was so weak, , myporn but interestingly is enjoying it. I did as instructed, and I have the old goat as have a myporn hell of a point of view of my big butt in pink pretty panties. I gasped, not daring to protest, but as he took her, and heard him complain out loud as he inspected my private places - the evil My floor shook when he was touched by the rod s then SWISH - AAAAAAARRRGGH ! It roared again , and the pain was unreal. ' Oh, please Mr. Smith is myporn no longer' There was no hope to punish my ass would be on, because he understood my need for submission. despite the terrible pain and humiliation I knew there would be further meetings with This terrible sugar cane and tawse later. said Then Mr. Smith: ' Is not that Laura was not so bad was that' not myporn but I knew he was coming back for more. myporn
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